The Glow and the Chip-Chip: Photo Edition

Many curious readers have asked about the title of my first post. Here is my inspiration. This ad, for some kind of facial moisturizer, is most viral marketing campaign I’ve ever seen in a city. It’s unbelievable how frequently I see it. It is on every single bus stop, featured on dozens of billboards, and lining the lampposts of street after street. I don’t even want to know how much money was spent on the ad. I’m not even sure what it means.

After 40 hours of traveling, I decided to take my very first photo of the trip. This lovely display in the Bah Rain airport was my first target.

This is what the inside of an auto rickshaw looks like. It’s cozy.

This is right above the railway station that I take if I want to go anywhere.

This is the street I live on. It’s hot.

More like Dosa DELICIOUS. Cost = approximately $1.70.

One afternoon I took the train to South Mumbai, which is the city’s historical capital. It felt like an entirely different place. Auto rickshaws aren’t allowed in this part of town (so it’s much quieter), and the streets are relatively well kept.

Located in South Mumbai, overlooking the Arabian Sea. Possibly the most iconic building in Mumbai.

One of my favorite things about India is that all trucks are elaborately painted and decorated–they all have their own personalities. This one sitting on Juhu beach was begging to have its photo taken. What a cheez.

One day, I walked around a whole lot. I found a Muslim shrine that attracts visitors from all over India.

The highlight of my day came immediately after I left the Shrine in the sea. A family was taking a photo of their son, who had trapped a small goat that had been meandering around on the nearby rocks. I stopped to laugh. The family saw me and realized that I was also a very good photo opportunity: a white, blonde, blue-eyed foreigner! So they insisted on taking a family portrait with me. I obliged, but asked their son to pose with the goat again for me. It took him a while to catch it.


2 thoughts on “The Glow and the Chip-Chip: Photo Edition

  1. In regards to “i dont want to know how much they spent on that ad”… Hope a lot! It’s not how much they spent that should be considered but where the money goes. Is it profit for the Ad Agency and sitting in a bank or is it in the pockets and now bellies of all the men who hung the signs, the women who modeled, the graphic artist who edited, the creative team who brainstormed in, the printer who printed it, the company that makes the ink and the paper, and the shipping company with the trunk driver who delivered it. Someone has to spend the money for someone else to make the money. Just a thought.

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